Thursday, October 14, 2010

brasstronaut & isenseven & russia

While there are no official music videos for any songs on Mt. Chimaera, here's an out-take from the brand new German Isenseven snowboard vid, set to our song hand behind. Just click off the annoying Coors ad when you hit play.

Tonight we're playing in SHEFFIELD UK!

Tschüss :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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We are now inside the mother England. After not sleeping for almost 35 hours played our first show at the Brixton Windmill to a surpisingly room full of welcoming people. Last night at the "Underbelly" was also great, followed by a Vietnamese feast somewhere in Hackney. Jetlag isn't so bad this time, but that's thanks to someone tipping me off about the anti-jet-lag diet.

thomas crook airlines
rental lorry



hoof & mouth
our gracious host Laura Kim! Thank you Laura.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Echo Prize WIN!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us to win the Echo Prize. Today was a very happy day and I can't even begin to express the immense elation we felt upon hearing the news. Just ate a big bowl of pho and am now celebrating by listening to the new Luke Abbott album, Holkham Drones, really really loudly. See you in England next week, and I'll be posting regular updates right here. -edo

Friday, October 1, 2010

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A few days ago Gilles Peterson played Insects on his BBC1 show!
You can still listen to the mix by going to this link:
This nice surprise comes just in time for a post about our UK tour next month.

Clubs listed below>>>>

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Oct 10 - Brixton Windmill - London
Oct 11 - Underbelly - London
Oct 12 - The Bull & Gate - London
Oct 13 - In The City - Manchester
Oct 14 - Bungalows and Bears - Sheffield
Oct 15 - Stereo - Glasgow
Oct 16 - The Old Bridge Inn - Aviemore
Oct 17 - Hootananny - Inverness
Oct 18 - Oporto - Leeds

Also, Bryan and I will be playing a duo acoustic show in Amsterdam, Holland on Oct 26th. Check back on myspace for the location and time.