Sunday, June 13, 2010

back in grey


It's been forever, I've missed you, so let's just jump right back in.

We've been working on a new recording scheduled to come out sometime before the end of August. It's not a record, nor is it an EP. It came out of the desire to use some ideas that don't really work as songs, but more as movements of a mixtape. We'll be paying hommage to some of our deeper trip hop, disco, and electronica influences. I played a section for my friend Liam and he said it sounded like "Buddha Bar" music ( A wave of insecurity was quelled by some research into the genre, where on Volume 2000 Mixed by DJ Claude Challe we see that track 5. Deepak Chopra (feat. Demi Moore) - "Desire". If Deepak is behind buddha bar, then it's ok for us.


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