Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lisa O Piu & some tour news

Lisa O Piu , originally uploaded by icepackbackpack.

Was just listening to BBC 6 and heard a beautiful ode to rural life: "Dreams of Goats" by Lisa O Piu. It's a song about goats, but not in a joking way. A serious song about goat dreams. Makes these 'neue pastoral' bands look like posers.

See her myspace here:

Dreams of Goats doesn't appear to be on that player, but do some surfing and you should be able to find it streaming somewhere. Or even better, go buy the album.

In other news:

Brasstronaut will be playing the Commodore Ballroom with Bonobo (Ninjatune) on June 30th for Jazz Fest. He'll be playing with an 8 piece live band, I've been told, so should be a very special show. Tickets are available through the Coastal Jazz website.

We will also be touring out to Hillside Festival in Guelph next month. This will include most Canadian cities west of Quebec City. Sorry maritimes, but we'll be sure to make it out there next year.

Heading back to the studio tonight to work on some new songs. Three have been written since getting back from the last tour. Also lots of recording to do for the mixtape.


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